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Stuff You Should Know is a good book by the author Josh Clark, Chuck Bryant.
Stuff You Should Know offers a surprising insight into what you thought you knew.

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant started the Stuff You Should Know podcast in 2008 because they were curious — curious about the world around them, curious about what they might have missed in their formal education, and curious. want to dig deeper into what they think they already understand .

Turns out, they weren’t the only curious ones. Since then, they have amassed an avid fan base, making Stuff You Should Know one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Armed with a curious nature and a passion for sharing, they discover the strange, fascinating, interesting, or unexpected elements of a variety of subjects.

This couple has put their almost endless “why” and “how” questions into chapters of an audiobook for the first time – introducing a whole new range of topics they’ve wondered about. and wanted to explore for a long time. Follow along as the two learn the basic stories of everything from the origins of Murphy’s bed, to the history of facial whiskers, to the psychology of being lost.

Have you ever been curious about the world around you and longed to see miracles in everyday things?

I’m a huge fan of the Things You Should Know podcast, and I finally got a copy. How wonderful! It reads like a podcast plays. Each chapter is like an episode of the show, so you don’t have to read it from front to back. If you see a chapter that you really want to read first, you can read it, and the rest of the book still makes sense. My 11 year old even loved this book. Our 2 favorite chapters are Murphy’s Bed and How to Get Lost and Lost. If you liked the book, check out the podcast as well!

Josh and Chuck continue their wonderful and funny stories in this book. The topics are so broad, maybe they should focus more on topic selection. I especially like the lost parts, Kamikaze and the gun history. I also love the added sections they have for audiobook listeners. I hope they continue to release books.

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