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Succubus Lord 12 – Succubus Lord, Book 12, Audiobook Online By: Eric Vall

Jake and his newly minted team of charming Demon Lords are drawing closer to Gressil and Beelzebub’s Evil Duo.

But first, they must deal with the swarm of assassins that are always trying to take down Jake and deal with Abaddon, the Mad King of the Seventh Circle, and Todd must prove his skills in a prank against a strange clone. his monster.

Having most of all… all but six of Mr. Vall’s audio books, this is still one of his better series. The previous statement is not meant to cast a shadow on his other series. All quite good. I’ll say it again if you like dark comedy, adventure, sex and rock-n-roll, then this devilish series is just what you need. The MC is awesome and the supporting characters are super funny. Mr. Vall, the audience needs your work more.

Usually, when coming home from work, a completely natural adventure is needed… This series offers smiles and sometimes laughter… Eric has a talent for combining the strange and the unexpected. crazy together… This is a quick and fun read! Well done Eric!

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