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Succubus Lord 13 – Succubus Lord, Book 13, Audiobook Online By: Eric Vall

Jake finally succeeded in destroying the two branches of the Unholy Trio. Now, all that remains is public enemy number one: Beelzebub.

However, the Lord of the Flies won’t acknowledge the Eighth Circle without a fight, so Jake has to find a way to power up and be fast.

Answer? Hell fire. More specifically, the black Hellfire of fear.

But to learn about the Black Hell Fire, Jacob will have to venture into the Dark World.

As thrilling and sexy as the rest of the series, this time Jacob finally faces his fears and travels to the Shadow World only to discover things aren’t what he seems. told about this place. Really, if you’re not already into this series, you really need to. Nothing I can say here will do the book justice. How wonderful.

Obviously I’m a huge fan of the series and if you’ve read the remaining 12 you don’t really need to see the reviews to know if you want this book or not. But if you’ve just seen this book and think you might want to give it a try then I strongly suggest you go back to book 1 and start over, it makes more sense. Wishing you happy reading.

Every time there’s a new Succubus Lord, I put down every other book. It is absolutely impossible to get enough of these books. With Jacobs’ new powers, I wonder what he’ll do now. Excited about the next book and can’t wait for it.

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