Succubus Lord 14 (Swimsuit Edition) Succubus Lord Book 14 – Audiobook Online

Succubus Lord 14 (Swimsuit Edition) – Succubus Lord, Book 14, Audiobook Online By: Eric Vall

Jake and his friends finally took down Beezlebub, and now six of the nine Circles of Hell are under their control.

So it’s time for a little vacation. Complete with beaches and all the hot succubus in sexy swimsuits!

Unfortunately, Jake’s break was interrupted by a slight inconvenience.

The Apocalypse, or the End Times, is also known as the Apocalypse.

Every time I think it’s okay, how the heck Eric is at the top of his last book, he does! Jake and his Succubi were pulled out of some well-deserved R&R when there were woes back on earth. Dinosaurs, ghosts, paranormal maniacs are just the tip of the iceberg. Jake is like the boy in the finger exhausted smash! Now his dad is in the mix.

I marvel at the abundance of wonderful fantasy worlds inhabited by real people and if part of them is animals he combines their animal styles. All of his other series are as engaging and interesting as this current one.

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