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Succubus Lord 9 – Succubus Lord, Book 9, Audiobook Online By: Eric Vall

Jacob and his friends may have escaped Hell, but now they face something even more difficult: Heaven.

Someone had killed someone in Jacob’s name, and the Exalted One and His followers were not pleased.

Now, Jake is on trial, and he must find a way to clear his name.

To do that, he must gain allies, fight evil cultists, and confront Demon King Beelzebub himself.

I’ve read the books and enjoyed reading them, the narrator’s performance is perfect when it comes to different characters, even the mistakes of the first works don’t detract from the story , keep up the good work.

If it were any other author, I wouldn’t like spoilers but It makes me smile and I know the next book is the comic. this book has some slow points and seems like some filling but this book answered the questions and is of course well written and the storytellers are excellent. Mr. Vall, you are a monster, you write faster than I heard….. and every book so far has been excellent.

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