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Succubus Lord – Succubus Lord, Book 1, Audiobook Online By: Eric Vall

“Young Master! It’s finally here!” My roommate could barely contain his excitement as he dashed into the living room of our apartment with a package in hand. “Check it out, Jacob.” He smiled as he tore the brown paper around his item.

When he tore the wrapping from the package, the debris scattered across the living room floor like confetti. For a second, I thought about lecturing Todd about not messing up our apartment, but who am I kidding? This place has been a shithole. At least some half-baked confetti will make it feel a little more alive.

My roommate is your stereotypical stoner archetype. Seriously, he looks like he belongs in a hippie car solving mysteries with the Great Dane. Todd’s long, golden hair is always greasy and messy, and the smell of sweet leaves hits him so often that most people just assume he’s wearing a hemp perfume. oil.

To complete his look, Todd wears a rough chin patch in the shape of a soul patch, as well as a t-shirt with the logo of whatever classic rock or metal band he’s listening to.

Title. Says it all. This book is just a long story about imaginary men escaping reality. this doesn’t mean it’s not fun as fuck. just be forewarned that this is soul food right here. is meant to make you feel good, but has no nutritional value other than that. Personally, I can’t wait for the next book.

I was expecting to be disappointed but the writing was surprisingly good. less sex scenes and more stories, that’s a plus in my book, it’s an interesting balance there. it will keep you laughing. and once in the book, the voice actor broke the 4th wall which I thought was very interesting. I will definitely listen to his second book.

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