Suffer the Little Children – Commissario Brunetti Mysteries Book 16

Suffer the Little Children is the 16th novel of horror and suspense in the Commissario Brunetti Mysteries series by author Donna Leon. When Commissario Brunetti is summoned in the middle of the night to a pediatrician’s bedside, he is faced with many questions. Three men, a young carabiniere captain, and two privates from out of town burst into the sleeping doctor’s apartment and take away his 18-month-old boy. This is a violent attack by state forces that worries the doctor. As Brunetti delves into the case, he uncovers a story of infertility, despair, and illegal dealings. Inspector Vianello, uncovers a money-making scam between pharmacists and doctors in the city. Medical records are missing and pharmacists are looking for more than money. So what are the secrets in the file?

Here are some comments from readers to help you better understand this Audiobooks:

01- Police in Venice do not have full authority to enforce when a police agency is making arrests in Venice, Guido deals with assaulted workers. Another problem is related to fraud and inappropriate disclosure of patient information. Guido does not seem to be effective at solving problems that lead to problems involving people.
02- This book discusses the problems of corruption in Venice or Italy or both. Brunetti is a lifelike character who strives to find the truth and fight evil, despite corruption. Brunetti often confronts desperate people. This book deals with adoption problems and other issues of violence.
03- This book exposes the stupidity of government regulations regarding illegal adoptions in Italy. Donna Leon’s Guido Brunetti is caught between the law he must enforce and the situation of having an illegitimate child who was torn from his hands by the Carabinieri during a brutal midnight raid.
The subject of his abduction is a politician, who happens to be the father-in-law of the man who lost his son to the Carabinieri.
Brunetti’s colleague Inspector Vianello is investigating a scam between pharmacists and doctors in Venice.
Doctors are charging for visits that never happened. One of the pharmacists, who was illegally accessing patient records, appeared to be involved in the blackmail scheme. He also angered someone to the point of groping his pharmacy.
04- This is the series by Brunetti, Paola and the rest are all lovely too. There is no emotional connection to a child being taken from his loving father. Brunetti seems to consider it a stolen wallet. He must be horrified at the thought of separation, reflecting a strong emotion. As a crime-solving perspective, Brunetti discovers where the clues are to solve the crime, no one in the family cares where the baby is. Is the baby healthy or not? This is a suspenseful and suspenseful novel to the very end.
05- The books that Leon wrote that I have read, readers will have more perspectives on the characters and the relationships of the main characters in general. The book is about child trafficking with unique details and unexpected ending. There is an extra episode that appears in the story that leads the officers to pursue.

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