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Summoner 3 – Summoner, Book 3, Audiobook Online By: Eric Vall

When a portal opens in a distant city, Gryff and his monster response team notice that Shadowscape’s creatures are becoming smarter and more organized.

Someone, or something, is leading them.

Now Gryff discovers that he and the three women he loves are all that stands between evil monsters and humanity.

I like this series enough to keep hearing it’s really an interesting story. I would have liked it a bit more if he showed some progress. So far he started a bad ass still a bad ass. I feel like he should be improved. But anyway the world is amazing, the concept is amazing. The sex scenes again are unnecessary and I wish they weren’t in the books. It’s worth listening to though.

Around every turn and entire listening time I love this series, and on top of that, do you both leila and Nia openly love him? I definitely struggled at work to concentrate while listening. Great book and I plan to buy the next one too.

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