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Summoner 4 – Summoner, Book 4, Auidobook Online By: Eric Vall

In an academy that trains people to deal with monsters and mayhem, there’s a challenge even Gryff isn’t ready to face: the final exam.

On the plus side, he’ll catch a giant armored monster and ride it on its shoulder while the monster smashes things through with its sword.

Another book in the series has dropped, and many parts have remained the same. The story is still a bit simplistic, but I find it has become my favorite soundtrack when I do more important things. The main character is my cheeky taste of intelligence. Although a bit disappointing to see one of the more interesting characters included in the Captain’s presentation; Overall it was a good listen, would still recommend.

Love this story. there are great friendships, great fights, perfectly spread sex scenes where they really mean something, there’s always something going on that no one cares about and growth Great character development so you really care about the characters. worth the credits for sure!

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