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Summoner 5 – Summoner, Book 5, Aduibook Online By: Eric Vall

With the mystery of the monsters and Shadowscape deepening ever deeper, Gryff and his friends were separated by Headmaster Sleet and sent to the far reaches of the world on a mission: to find some code ancient can end this war once and for all.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, it will except for the rifts that keep opening over their heads, mercenaries who want them dead, and, oh yeah, a killer monster angel looking to bring about the apocalypse as Gryff knows it that.

While I can still see where the book is going throughout the book, the path they choose to get there is a bit more unpredictable. Find yourself enjoying the journey. but I’m starting to wonder if the author watched a bit of the anime. If any of you know Natsu from the show Fairy Tail then you’ll know what I mean. Overall, the ambient noise is still good and would recommend.

I think this latest book in the series is an easy read. The characters are consistent and still a bit unpredictable. MC does not appear strong and arrogant. He is a man surrounded by the most knowledgeable women in the world. The narrator has a rhythm that keeps you from drifting away. Overall value if you like the previous books in the series.

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