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Summoner 6 – Summoner, Book 6, Audiobook Online By: Eric Vall

Escaping from Shadowscape, Gryff returned to the world only to find him two months past, but it was nothing compared to what was to come for him.

Gryff is helpless amid collapsing siege zones, zombie bounty hunters determined to get revenge, and oh yes, the council is out to arrest him, too. But Gryff had grown stronger, and none of his enemies could have predicted his abilities now.

The overall story being told is excellent. In the end, I skipped all the sex scenes this time because they don’t really add much to the story and that’s what I’m personally more interested in right now. If you liked the previous books then you will love this one too.

Character development goes well. There are not many jealous women in the world. Eventually someone will get pregnant. There are not many majik contraceptives anywhere on Misistral or anywhere else.

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