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Summoner 9 is a science fiction book by author Eric Vall.
Africa could be taken care of, but now another problem arose with the South.

Gryff and his party travel to the Southern Continent to deal with rumors of a resurrected goddess, and as they travel through treacherous forests, Gryff must keep her wits about him… .

I really enjoyed reading this book. Gryff and his team are looking for another of Sara’s sisters. This time, in a foreign land. Things get complicated as always. The story and characters are interesting, engaging and engaging. I look forward to reading more about these characters and their further adventures. This book is definitely worth reading.

I like the summoner, it’s an entertaining series, it’s not my favorite and there’s something about it that I’m not a fan of but I keep coming back for the overall story , the harem and the battles with monsters are all great. However, the lack of character development and the MC’s innocence after 9 books are starting to hinder the overall progression of the story. Most of the book is a point of violent side quests that can be ignored The MC is innocent and pure but he can handle this fight without violence. I could have missed this if the battles for the side quests went well but 2 of the 5 battles in this book have HUGE contradictions in them.
For example, during a battle, the MC catches the villain’s mace in his bare hands, but this is not possible since he already has a dagger in both hands. This kind of thing happens a lot in both battles with inconsistencies and will change the battles dramatically, so don’t know what happened there but the author needs new proofreaders who will capture this contradiction and help the story flow.

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