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Superfan is a romance book by author Sarina Bowen.
New stand-alone novel in the Brooklyn Bruisers world!

Sometimes the lucky lady shakes your hand, and sometimes she slaps you in the face. She does both in the same day. Three years ago, I met the most amazing girl in the world. We were both disappointed in our luck. Then I got that call – the call telling you to bring your dumplings on a plane to meet your destiny.

But the girl was left behind. I don’t have her phone number, and she doesn’t know my real name. While I became a professional hockey player, she became a superstar, with platinum records and countless fans. And a slick music producer boyfriend treated her badly. But fate is not done with us yet.

Delilah showed up at a hockey game, I couldn’t resist getting in touch. The internet swooned when I asked her out on a date. She may not remember me. But her ex does. He will do anything to keep us apart. The good thing is that athletes never give up. This time I’m playing to win.

Sarina Bowen’s Superfan is more than just a new addition to the Bruisers Series. This book introduces the entire Brooklyn Bruisers Hockey Team. We met Silas Kelly, the rookie goalkeeper, in the first book of the series where he struggled to hold his ground. His athleticism and talent for scoring just need to match his spirit. He has proven that he belongs to the Bruisers. He also proved that he is a guy who always stands up that his teammates can rely on no matter what. He’s proven his worth in the professional arena, he’s fulfilling his career goals, and he’s made lifelong friends. His only regret is Delilah, whom he abandoned to save his hockey career. The girl he felt a connection with the moment they met. Delilah Spark is currently one of the biggest rising pop stars in the music industry and doesn’t even know his real name.

Delilah Spark was trying to hit the big time in the music industry the day she walked into the bar for a break and a beer. The cute bartender Ralph made her laugh and forget all the troubles in the profession. This guy is perfect and has the same luck as her. The first time he kissed her made her realize she might need more than music. She finally agrees to date Ralph just to stand up. Three years later, she’s had a great vacation but she still remembers the cute bartender who disappeared when she was just a girl struggling with a guitar. A controlling manager, a stolen album and an unbreakable contract have brought her career to a halt. It’s time to change her life. Maybe a hockey game and a twitter challenge will change everything. It’s good that she’s a girl who likes a challenge.

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