Sweet Retribution/ Rydeville Elite Series, Book 3 – Free Full Audiobook

Sweet Retribution is the third love story in the Rydeville Elite series by author Siobhan Davis.
Five bestsellers and number one bestsellers in the genre of romantic suspense and coming-of-age fiction.

The good thing about bottoming out is that I have nothing to lose, and the only way is to go up.

He thinks he ruined me. Break I can not repair. But he always looked down on women. All he did was strengthen my resolve. I won’t stop until justice prevails and he gets what’s coming his way.

Kaiden is the only light in the dark. He gives me the strength to keep fighting for the future we both aspire to – a world where we are free to love each other and make our own choices.

Until then, the charade must go on.

This long-running novel ends Abby and Kai’s romance. Dark romantic story and some scenes can be triggered. Recommended only for audiences 18 years of age or older.

I can’t finish this Rydeville Elite #3 series and this author’s amazing work. When I started reading this series, I knew it would be one that would capture the hearts and minds of readers and this kept me hooked. I strongly recommend everyone to read this series in order so you can see how far these characters have come. In this book, the author gives us a conclusion about these two and I don’t give any because you have to see for yourself.

Kaiden and Abby have been and still are going through a lot and every time they think they’ve settled everything and the giant curved ball hits them, but can they finally get their revenge for what they’re so desperate for? search? These two will hold your heart tight and won’t let go and in this book I’ve encouraged them both a lot to achieve their own HEA and I’m not sure how they were able to get there. They sent my emotions up and down when I got a feel for what Abby used to be, but she’s strong and she’s a fighter that I love so this author wrote for her. this way.

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