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Sweet, Thoughtful Valentine is a literary fiction book by author Alexander McCall Smith.
Philosopher and amateur detective Isabel Dalhousie firmly adheres to her principles. Keeping her promises has always been one of them. Later, Isabel runs into an old classmate facing marital and financial troubles, who reveals a secret that is becoming increasingly difficult to keep for Isabel. Thankfully, Jamie, Isabel’s devoted husband, was there to help our heroine navigate her competing moral obligations.

This original short story by Alexander McCall Smith shows Isabel using all her wits, charm, and ingenuity.

Isabel and her musician husband Jamie are a happy couple that I love and this story highlights their equal relationship and supportive attitude towards each other.

Isabel, the queen of moral philosophy, boxed herself by making a promise that tests her determination to always act ethically. While venting her heart out to Jamie and listening to him deal with the situation, she came up with her own solution.

While I liked the story, it was a bit tortuous as Isabel’s mind wandered. I think it will be more time for Isabel-Jamie.

Isabelle Dalhousie lives in Scotland with her husband, Jamie, and two children. Isabelle is a thinker. I think of Rodin’s statue, “The Thinker.” Whatever she says or experiences on a given day is given much thought. Sometimes her ideas are shared with friends. After reading the short story, I learned the importance of not just babbling to break the silence in the room. It is also important to tell the truth about a subject. This makes it possible for any of us to become a philosopher. Our friends, acquaintances and family will learn about our true identities. I’m asking about a moment when she asked for tea and just that word made her think of the word fact proving that there’s always a subject to examine.

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