Take Me (An Older Man Younger Woman Romance) – Free Full Audiobook

Take Me is the first love book in the Alphas Forever series by author Kate Hunt.
It was my first day at the ice cream shop and I was nervous when it was all out. I have never worked in a place like this. I know I better not mess it up, because my brother got me into the business – his friend owns the place. Turns out, though? The hardest part of the job isn’t scooping ice cream. It’s up against my brother’s hot friend – aka my hot, irresistible new boss.

This is torture. Every time I look at Blair, I melt like a scoop of ice cream under the blazing summer sun. I helped her brother by giving her this job. And if he knew how I felt about her, he’d tear me a new one. However, I cannot ignore the intense feelings I have for Blair. I have to find a way to make this sweet girl mine.
Take Me is a short, fun, steamy romance with instant love, an older alpha male and a younger girl, and a HEA.

When Shane and Blair meet, the heat is instant. He is strong and protective when he finds her sensitivity and sweetness irresistible. There were some obvious health code violations that took place after hours at the ice cream parlor. Don’t worry, the couple had a good time and no ice cream was harmed in this sexy sweet story.

I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook. The story is solid. Shane’s commitment and devotion to Blair never faltered. He was her support and strength when she needed it. Blair was able to be herself and flourish. Very sweet love story with a happy ending. I would recommend this book, it was well spent!

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