Take Me Down/ Riggs Brothers, Book 2 – Free Full Audiobook

Take Me Down is the second literary fiction book in the Riggs Brothers series by author Julie Kriss.
A hot ex-criminal with secrets. One session changes everything.

It was supposed to be simple: Let Jace Riggs walk into my counseling office, tell me how he’s adjusting to life after prison, and let him walk out again. The first thing I learned was that nothing was simple with Jace.

He’s tall, muscular, and shaggy. He’s smarter than anyone else in the room and 10 times more careful. He is hiding things that would tear any other man apart. He was a loner, a bad boy, and a notorious brother of Riggs from across the tracks.

He is a hundred kinds of wrong for me. And even if I’m no longer his mentor, I still want to break his defenses.

Jace has never trusted anyone – except me. He said I was the only woman he wanted to be close to him. The only woman he wants in bed – never. And when he looked at me with fiery eyes, I believed everything he said.

My own secret could get Jace sent back to prison – or get him killed. And he doesn’t care.

We may not be there until morning. But with the fire burning between Jace and me, forever won’t be long enough….

Take Me Down by Julie Kriss is the second book in her interconnected Riggs Brothers series. Told in dual POV, this series focuses on the Riggs brothers and their stories. This book is Jace’s story and it is an emotional one. Starting with the discovery that he had a reason to go to jail and that he really should NOT have attended counseling, moving on to the ridiculous amount of sexual reactions he experienced WITH his counselor, and ends in a whirlwind relationship and life-and-death decisions that end Jace’s romance but don’t necessarily take the Riggs brothers to safety.

The well-written and fast-paced Julie Kriss is a new author to me and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read her book. The stories are fluid, easy to read, engaging, and have enough tension and drama to keep you hooked but not so much as to tire you out by the end of the book.

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