Take Me Fast/ Bridgewater County, Book 3 – Free Full Audiobook

Rory and Cooper haven’t forgotten Laura yet. She was the one for them, who became theirs on a starry night before moving to training camp. They didn’t expect seven years to pass before they saw her again. She has changed, has secrets. But they don’t care. They will do everything they can to make her theirs. Because in Bridgewater, one cowboy is never enough.

Rory and Cooper leave to find more and get more than they both imagined. They went to the house to find glue but she was gone. Ivy had the perfect night getting her to college. She gained and she lost a lot that day. She hadn’t been at Bridgewater in years. She stays away to give a new life a chance. She has worked hard for seven years to forget the past but every day it becomes more and more difficult.

I have a problem with Rory and Cooper. I can hardly think that these intelligent men would overlook the obvious when locating Ivy. I question their true desire to find her. Once connected, I questioned a few other things.

Book three in the Bridgewater County series is another thrilling adventure, a spin-off to the Bridgewater Menage series that is historically based but takes place in the present day. The town of Bridgewater, Montana, still exists with its founding fathers as headmasters of two or three alpha-dominant men claiming and marrying one woman, and living together for life. This method has proven to be successful for over a hundred years and why change what works? The story will read as a standalone. It has the characters in book one and two.

Ivy, Rory, and Cooper all go to school together. While the two boys knew that Ivy was theirs, during high school she dated Tom, but it wasn’t a serious relationship. Since they graduated, Ivy and Tom are no longer dating, and summer is coming to an end, Ivy, Rory, and Cooper are together, in the back of a pickup truck out in the Baker field, the three girls still virgins, and this will be their night. After that, the boys would move to boot camp, and Ivy would go to college in Seattle.

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