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Taken as Collateral (A Dark Mafia Romance) is the second romance book in the Mafia Masters series by author Piper Stone.
I took her because I needed a hostage. I kept her because I wanted her.

Francesca Alessandro was only taken as collateral, being held as a warning to her father, but then she tried to fight me. She was sore and drenched when I gave her a lesson with my belt and then screamed in savage climax as I taught her to obey in a much more shameful manner.

Now she is mine. Mine to keep. mines for protection. Mine to use as hard and as often as I want.

Take as collateral is the second book in the Mafia Masters series. This book is standalone, but you’ll want to read them in order if you’re like me.

There is a lot of darkness and lust in this book that will keep you going. Caroline and Scorpions are well-developed characters with a story that keeps you enthralled. I highly recommend this story if you are looking for a mafia series.

I enjoyed this well-written romantic suspense. Miss Stone skillfully employs a two-pronged conspiracy. One branch is their romantic journey. The second branch is one of suspense and mystery. It follows Caroline and the Scorpions’ quest to uncover the truth behind dangerous events in order to force him to liquidate his uncle’s estate. I appreciate the rich dialogue and internal dialogue that reveals the underlying stories of Caroline and Scorpion. I love using dual perspective to illuminate their dreams and weaknesses. Ultimately, Miss Stone’s use of descriptive language paints scenes that are vivid and memorable. One memorable scene shows the barn burning and Caroline battling smoke and fire to save the trapped horses. This scene pulls the reader into the scene so they have a first-hand look. This is a fascinating read. Well done, Miss Stone.

  • Taken as Collateral (A Dark Mafia Romance)

  • Mafia Masters, Book 2

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