Taken at the Flood A Hercule Poirot Mystery – Free Full Audiobook

Taken at the Flood is a literary fiction book by author Agatha Christie.
A few weeks after marrying an attractive widow, Gordon Cloade is tragically killed by a bomb blast in London. Overnight, the former Mrs. Underhay found herself the sole owner of the Cloade family property.

Soon after, Hercule Poirot is visited by the dead man’s sister-in-law, who says she has been warned by a “spirit” that Mrs. Underhay’s first husband is still alive. Poirot is suspicious when asked to search for a missing person guided only by the spirit world. What puzzled Poirot most was the woman’s true motives for him.

The novel was great, as usual for Agatha Christie. However, this version of Kindle is extremely difficult to read, as almost all punctuation appears as a series of coded symbols and letters! I figured out which 4 symbols represent an open quote, a closed quote, and a dash. It really slows down my reading time, but I tried my best. I hope the book is corrected for future readers. You may want to download a sample before you buy.

The book itself was good. As usual, I couldn’t guess “who did it”, and enjoyed the journey as well as the ending. A few things are a bit outdated as far as gender roles are concerned, but I can give them a pass based on the time period in which the book was written. I gave one star to the Kindle punctuation issues mentioned above.

This is quite an interesting novel as it is set in the period immediately after the second world war. I have to confess that it’s not one of my favorite books, probably because there’s very little Christie’s usual humor in it. However, social commentary has always been in the spotlight, and even if some norm then would raise many eyebrows today, it’s well worth listening to. Christie’s other works have stood the test of time better than this one, yet it has a strong plot. And if you can surpass the seemingly accepted standards of former husbands-to-be, that’s pretty exciting.

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