Taken by Storm/ Storms of Blackwood, Book 1 – Free Full Audiobook

Taken by Storm is the first love story in the Storms of Blackwood series by author Elle Middaugh.
As a farmer, I was forced to work in the jade mines to survive. My life is tough, but I don’t have to worry much: Get enough food and keep my pet sloth from harm. But when a chance encounter with a stranger ended with me possessing the powers of the gods, suddenly my whole world changed.

When the Storm King found out – and trust me, he always found out – he planned to make me a princess by marrying me to one of his four sons. That really doesn’t sound too bad…at first. After all, the Storm Princes are sexy as sinful, rich, confident, and built like the gods themselves.

But nothing is as simple as it seems, and the lavish life of Blackwood royalty is nothing but a nightmare I can’t wake up from… and so are the princes. They grew up knowing and resenting this fact, but I had to figure it out the hard way….

In the Blackwood Kingdom, we’re all just pawns in the Storm King’s evil game.

Taken by Storm is a compellingly compelling story. This is the first RH book that I really enjoyed and I appreciate how the author establishes the motivation and rationale for it. Given this fantasy world and their relationship, it makes sense for Alexis to be with all of the Storm brothers, and given their troubled relationship with the King, there’s a reason why. The princes chose to be with her again.

I’m not really sure the best way to describe Taken by Storm. The main characters are all likable. The king is the villain. The first book basically establishes the world and the pattern. There’s an interesting twist at the end, which I see is a mile away, but I’d love to get it right. If you’re looking for a sassy heroine, hot heroes and lots of hot sex reactions, then get this book.

I love fmc. Her strength comes through well.

The Storm King is truly a terrifying villain whose demise you will cheer for. Some of his actions definitely shocked me but overall, I think the author has explained well the role of the evil spider that controls the web of the kingdom.

When it comes to 4 princes. I love the kindness of the Desert Prince. The way the author describes the Sea Prince and his actions makes me want to tell him to be wise. I joined fmc wishing to hit Spirit Prince and I ended up loving the trip to fae kingdom with Sky Prince.

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