Tales of Anyar/ Destiny’s Crucible, Book 5 – Free Full Audiobook

Tales of Anyar is a science fiction book by author Olan Thorensen.
The extraordinary adventure of Joseph Colsco, a college student of no particular importance is thrust into an unimaginable fate by an unlikely – but did happen. Naked on the planet Anyar, he forges a new life for himself and rises with outstanding responsibilities he would never have imagined.

For fans who have completed the first four seasons, many questions remain unanswered and many stories untold. This collection of short stories and novels addresses several questions, expands on previous books, and points to future directions. The anthology begins not on planet Anyar but on Earth, with the aftermath of an unlikely accident prompting Joseph Colsco to begin his new life.

This collection includes a number of short stories set to shed light on some aspects of the main events of the first four books of Destiny’s Crucible. In addition, several stories serve as bridges to another upcoming series of books that continue the story of the abandoned Earthlings on planet Anyar. Overall, very enjoyable, although some are better than others. As an indicator of more stories to come, this gives hope to fans of the series.

The editing for this series continues to be better than most indie films, with one exception. The timeline of events is fully compressed with the author using a two-year period everywhere. This results in two years of events plus two years of more events equal to two years! According to my reading, the events of the series so far will span more than six or seven years.

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