Tales of the Peculiar By: Ransom Riggs – Free Full Audiobook

Tales of the Peculiar is a beautiful book by author Ransom Riggs.
Miss Peregrine’s bestseller Home for Exceptional Children, is about to become a major feature film directed by Tim Burton.

Before Miss Peregrine gave them a home, stories of special people were written in Tales.

Wealthy cannibals dine on the discarded limbs of special people. A princess speaking tongue. These are just a few of the truly stellar stories in Tales of the Peculiar – an anthology of fairy tales known to conceal information about particular worlds, including clues as to where the loops are located. time – first introduced by Ransom Riggs in his number one best book. -selling Miss Peregrine’s Special Children series.

Riggs invites you to share the secrets of his exceptional history with the collection of original stories in this luxurious volume Tales of the Peculiar, by Millard Nullings, Miss Peregrine’s guardian and scholar of all things. exotic, collected and annotated.

With narration by Simon Callow, this fascinating and truly special anthology is the perfect gift not only for fans but also for all book lovers.

This is undeniably a Ransom Riggs book. This book is absolutely magical. Some people said that this book was not like the others he wrote, and they were right. You are not reunited with Jacob and the gang, this book is the book in the Peregrine series. Meaning the book that special people (aka Millard Nullings) used to guide them among the special realms. It’s like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, that book was mentioned in the Harry Potter books; Tales of the Peculiar is mentioned in the Peregrine series.

This book is a real treasure! It is filled with short whimsical fairy tales. There are times when I find myself giggling, and most of the time I’ll finish one of the stories, knowing I should go to sleep so I can become a productive member of society (aka an adult). ) but I can’t help saying “one more story”. Ultimately, that turned into staying up all night, leading to having to drink coffee to stay awake – I’m no longer a spring chicken when it’s been all night.

Another great book by Ransom Riggs. If you are a fan of Miss Peregrine, you will definitely enjoy this book. Written by Millard, one of Miss Peregrine’s children, the book takes the reader back in time to learn about early traits. Every story has a message that can be brought to the real world.

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