Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World – Free Full Audiobook

Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World is a great book by author Fareed Zakaria.
COVID-19 is speeding up history, but how? What is the shape of the coming world?

Lenin once said, “There are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen.” This is one of those times when history has sped up.

CNN host and bestselling author Fareed Zakaria helps listeners understand the nature of the post-pandemic world: the political, social, technological, and economic impacts that can take years to unfold. . As 10 simple “lessons,” covering topics from globalization and preparedness to threats to inequality and technological progress, Zakaria creates a structure for listeners to begin to think about. Think beyond the immediate effects of COVID-19.

Ten lessons for a post-pandemic world address the past, present, and future and, while urgent and timely, are sure to become a permanent theme.

I admit to staying away from the books of current media and belt authors as they all seem to be more intent on advancing an agenda, often for obvious self-interest, than exploring. thoughtful analysis of the many issues we face at home and around the world. However, Fareed Zakaria is a pleasant exception to today’s social and political group of snake oil sellers, and this book exemplifies that favorable distinction.

Fareed is intelligent, articulate and full of curiosity about the world. What makes him unique, however, is his true sense of humility, strong philosophical leanings, and the fact that he truly is a man of the world. He has an understanding of the world that only long periods outside of your native country can help you achieve. Such experiences create tolerance and teach you that the world must be judged in context, and that requires openness to accepting alternative worldviews on an equal footing.

I have lived and worked as an American expatriate in China for 11 years and every time I return to the US I am stunned that my friends and family know or understand very little about China. And during that time, despite the connection of technology-enabled knowledge sharing, the bay has the lungs, not the connection of technology-powered knowledge sharing. turmeric.

The title of the book refers to the post-pandemic world, but it is not a book about the COVID pandemic in itself. The pandemic, Fareed argues, is a catalyst for change, many of which took place before the virus brought the world down.

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