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Ten Mile Bottom is a great book by author Teodora Kostova.
Rock bottoming is just the beginning….

At the age of 24, Finnegan Hart has achieved what most people can do in life. The best-selling author lives in central London, drives his dream sports car and attends exclusive parties. But the appearance is deceiving.

As the lights fade, Finn is left alone with an overactive mind, with alcohol and drugs the only way to drown out the noise.

When a drug overdose almost kills him and takes away all the people he loves.

Desperate to escape London’s toxic influence, Finn moves to Ten Mile Bottom – a small town on the outskirts of Cambridge – to try to rearrange his life.

The last thing he expects is to be loved.

Ben Goodwin is everything Finn isn’t – kind, empathetic, and gorgeous. He’s everything Finn needs.

Afraid to drag Ben into a messy life against him, Finn tries to regain their attraction. But when Finn finally shows Ben the darkest corners of his soul, will love be enough to make Ben stay?

While this is a lot like T. Kostova’s story, something is holding back that fifth star. Finn is a great character, and so are Ben and the others. But even though Finn is filled with anger, anger, confidence, and overwhelm at times, the rest of the characters feel a bit flat. Doesn’t that mean they don’t have their own personality and stuff like that, they just feel, I don’t know, underdeveloped?

Anyhow, this is the story of Finn, a young man who saw success early on and grew up in a family that is not what I would call loving. He has a sister and best friend Aiden, but when he finally bottoms out, no one gets out unscathed.

It was decided that something new needed to be tried, so Finn pointed to the map, and that’s how he rented a house in a small town near Cambridge called Ten Mile Bottom. However, while trying to live a reclusive life, he is always flooded with new people. One of those people turned out to be a friendly mechanic named Ben. Another was a teenager named Rose, and I was very disappointed that the author chose not to delve into her life a little more.

Time passes, and Finn truly finds peace with Ben. There are many challenges to face, and both regret their pasts. But when things get overwhelming, Ben is the perfect boyfriend, patient and always there to support. I’m still not sure exactly what Aiden’s feelings for Finn were, but in the end, their friendship survived the division of the continent.

In the end, as with most Kostova books, everything comes together as usual. There’s a bright future ahead for Finn and Ben, and it looks like Aiden’s story has yet to be told.

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