Texas Ranger

Texas Ranger is a horror novel in the A Texas Ranger Thriller series by author James Patterson. The story follows the Texas Ranger fighting for his life, freedom, and the town he loves while investigating the murder of his ex-wife.

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Review 1: Texas Ranger Audiobook by Vicky St. John

James Patterson where are you???

I have been a fan of James Patterson for many, many years. I was disappointed when he started putting his name on books with another author. I have liked several of them even if I didn’t see much of JP in them. I have never written a negative review before but felt this couldn’t go unanswered. The writing was sophomoric and very predictable. Very slim on character building. I knew who did it very early (a sign to me the writing wasn’t very good). To pass this off as a book by James Patterson is a dirty trick done to get royalties for JP and a book deal for the author. JP should be ashamed of himself for passing this off as one of his books. Please stop that and get back to writing the kind of books we expect from one of our favorite authors.

Review 2: Texas Ranger Audiobook by NormalHuman in FL

Elementary Garbage

This book is so ridiculous . It’s like a childish romance. And as far as a Texas Ranger’s grit goes, well, wussy is more like it. There is no real substance to the story at all. It is mostly about jealousy and hatred, deceit, lying and cheating. All the girls like the Ranger who is still in love with the dead ex-wife and the Ranger being sure it was the ex-wife’s boyfriend who snapped, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and throw a country singer into the mix. Just a good old recipe for a pile of hooey. And they lived happily ever after. Did I mention ridiculous?

Review 3: Texas Ranger Audiobook by Bill Walsh

Ghostwriter should disappear

In the future I’m going to shy away from titles where there is a writing buddy.
This book was definitely not up to Patterson’s standards. Poorly written, obvious, and more than a bit pedestrian.

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