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The 7th Month is a book in the Detective D.D. series. Warren. In the seventh month of her pregnancy, she took on a small role as a counselor on the set of a serial killer movie in Boston. D.D. Warren, she serves as a police specialist, tracking down the killer and surrounding murder suspects in the graveyard.

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Review 1: The 7th Month audiobook by Wayne

DD Warren is consulting on a film in a graveyard during her 7th month of pregnancy. The 7th MONTH is a worthwhile short story.

Review 2: The 7th Month audiobook by ewock

I like Lisa Gardner books, but… the plots are great, the men who are confident enough to deal with and like DD Warren are very likeable… but I don’t like DD Warren much and I do like intelligent strong women. But she is glutinous, horribly rude and self-centered. She comes across as wanting to outsmart killers for her own ego with little feeling for victims or co-workers. I am going to try one of the profiler series. I have read so many books that I look for mysteries where I can’t always figure out the endings and Gardner is usually good for that.

Review 3: The 7th Month audiobook by Robin Landry

D.D. Warren is in her seventh month of pregnancy, and now sits behind the desk at the police station. Away from her usual high-powered job as a homicide detective, D.D. is so bored that she jumps at the chance to pull an all-nighter as a police-expert for a local film. The price is right, and it looks like an easy job, except when D.D. finds out that the previous cop-consultant, was murdered the night before.

D.D. is as usual charm-challenged self, doing her job at a time when she should be putting her feet up, and thinking about the baby and not her job. This short story is an interesting behind-the-scenes look at movie making, which I’m sure that the author, Lisa Gardner is getting her fill of now that her stories are being made into a series. Something I’m really looking forward to watching.

This is a short story, and it’s really just a day in the life of D.D. Warren. Sure I miss the depth with which Gardner usually writes with, but this was a nice two hour read. Maybe it wrapped up a little too neatly, but I’m such a fan that I can forgive Gardner anything.

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