The A.I. Who Loved Me – Free Full Audiobook

The A.I. Who Loved Me is a love story by author Alyssa Cole.
Starring Mindy Kaling, Regina Hall delivers this gripping romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist!

Trinity Jordan leads a quiet, normal life: working from home for Hive, a government multi-function research center, and recovering from an incident that put her in a predicament. The life she’s trying to rebuild is thwarted by mishaps when Li Wei, her neighbor’s super weird and charming grandchild, moves in and turns everything upside down.

Li Wei’s behavior is downright odd — and the attraction between them grows. When an emergency pulls his aunt out of the apartment complex, Trinity decides to keep an eye on him… and gradually discovers that nothing is what it seems. However, Li Wei isn’t just a neighborhood guy — he’s also an A.I. next door. He is so advanced that he blurs the line between man and machine. Trinity is on a mission to help him achieve his goal of learning to be a human, but the danger grows as they find out if he is capable of the most illogical human behavior… love.

It was hard to follow at first so I basically skipped a few pages and started reading where it made sense. After I finished the novel, I re-read the first part and it made more sense.

I really like the concept of the book. Overall, it’s well-written, and aside from the obscene words, I find myself quite enjoying it. Some of the passages were funny and I found myself laughing out loud. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a different genre of romance novels.

The scientific implications of a fully realized AI are fascinating, but this quick, fun read doesn’t get bogged down in science. There’s something wrong with the introduction of the characters, and that feeling runs through the entire story. So much so that I read it all in one afternoon!

There’s a lot of familiar elements in this story if you’re an action/thriller, and reading it all the way through is purely entertaining. The story is a quick read that completely immerses you in the story and the characters. I often find myself asking the same questions as the characters are asking the same things.

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