The Affiliate/ Ascension (Linde), Book 1 – Free Full Audiobook

The Affiliate is the first book in the Ascension (Linde) series by author K.A. Linde.
On the day of her Presentation, before the entire Byern Court, 17-year-old Cyrene Strohm’s lifelong plan came true when she was selected for one of the most prestigious positions in her homeland – a Queen’s Branch.

When Cyrene receives a mysterious letter and an unreadable book, she finds nothing like it seems. Thrusted into a world of dangerous political intrigue and deadly magic, Cyrene’s position only becomes more dangerous when she finds herself attracted to a man she was never meant to be. .. is King Edric.

Cyrene must decide if love is really worth the price of freedom.

I just finished the first in another series by this author (it’s currently the only one published) and found that she has another in the same world, but it predates the one I just finished. . So I thought, “great, I can get some history”. While the other book, House of Dragons (series: Royal Houses) has dragons, I’m a bit confused that dragons don’t seem to be part of the series…. I assume everything has may change in the future. I alternated between listening and reading and had no problem with the narrator. She’s a different person from the other series, but she sounds familiar.

We were introduced to Cyrene, a seventeen-year-old girl going through the Presentation Ceremony, which is a ritual in her country. We soon find out that she is a very innocent girl who may think she is more mundane than she really is. She’s also used to going her own way. She receives a very important honor – becoming one of the Queen’s Affiliates – and her life as she knows it will change.

I was a bit unsure at first, I haven’t read many books based on the golden age. I stuck with it and plowed through and I’m so glad I did. I love both brothers. I admire the courage Cyrene shows throughout, and I want to stab the queen – between the eyes! I can’t wait for the next book, PLEASE let me know the upcoming release date. I think at this point, when my heart is racing because of the last few chapters, I will do anything to get the next book!

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