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The AfterGrief is a great book by Hope Edelman.
A valuable new approach to the long-term grieving process explains why we feel “stuck,” why it’s normal, and how changing our perception of pain can help. how we grow up – from the New York Times bestselling author of Motherless Daughters.

It finally dispels the myth that we all have to get over the death of a loved one.” (Claire Bidwell Smith, author of Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief).

You still haven’t passed it? Anyone who has experienced a major loss in the past knows this question. We have spent years collecting versions of it, both express and implied, from family, colleagues, acquaintances and friends.

Because of the common but mistaken assumption that grief should have a deadline, too many of us believe that we are grieving “wrong” when sadness suddenly arises sometimes months or even years after the death. cool. The AfterGrief explains that the death of a loved one is not something most of us get over, get over, put down, or get over. Grief is not an emotion to overcome on the “feeling better” path. Instead, grief is always in motion; it is tidal, easily and frequently reactivated by sensory memories and events and reactivated as we go through life transitions, anniversaries and other losses . Whether we like it or not, grief is folded into our evolving identity, where it reveals our thoughts, hopes, expectations, behaviors, and fears, and we Will definitely bring it to everything that comes next.

This book is mainly about grief that may have happened to a person in their previous life and they are dealing with grief later. I think most people also have this condition. I know that as children we are not taught to handle grief appropriately – this book discusses that and discusses how grief can come later and affect you. any. Maybe I read it too soon after a recent loss, but it means a lot to my previous losses. This book will be suitable for anyone who after a while is still dealing with pain and wants to know why it is still so difficult for them. This book is great and easy to follow.

Twenty-seven years ago with Hope’s first book, ‘Motherless Daughters,’ I found the first test stone to validate the terrible sadness of the 8-year-old girl inside of me after death. of its mother. With ‘Grieving Story’, I was affected by the ‘long arc of loss’ that forever shaped me. Hope made that clear with stories and research, how my story began as a child and could change later with a fresher understanding, writing, and healing work, directed to a richer and deeper life, not just a life of secret sadness. Now, my memories of my mother have grown to see her as a completely flesh-and-blood human with limitations, and also an eternal love for me. Thanks Hope, for helping to ease the heart of your first book with ‘Afergrief’.

  • The AfterGrief

  • Finding Your Way Along the Long Arc of Loss
  • By: Hope Edelman

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