The Alien’s Prize Warriors of Luxiria Book 1 – Online Audiobook

The Alien’s Prize – Warriors of Luxiria, Book 1, Online Audiobook By: Zoey Draven

Welcome to Luxiria, home to two hot suns and hotter alien warriors….

Kate Harper finally has everything on Earth: her dream job, a great best friend, and an apartment completely free of cheating exes.

That is, until she wakes up, cuffed and naked, on an alien planet/fight club called Pit. Worse? The aliens fight to the death for their prize: human mate. Even worse? She realized she was one of them.

Vaxa’an, the chief leader of Luxiria, has a mission to his warrior race: to continue their race. Renowned for being ruthless and deadly, Luxirian knew he would have no trouble asking for the Breeder at the Pit. What he doesn’t expect to find is his destined mate, with her seductive curves and seductive body. And he won’t stop at anything to ask for her.

When Kate becomes the alpha warrior’s reward, her only goal is to return to the life she was taken from. It’s certainly impossible to love a charming, overbearing barbarian with a wicked tongue, who is determined to make her his own….

There’s a fat, stubborn woman and a 7 foot tall hot alien with a filthy mouth and an unbelievably large (-ahem-) pack that can do amazingly fun things. The sci-fi romance novel is over 55,000 words long!

I have to say this one gets you rushing in fast! There’s not a lot of world-building or rendering information, so it’s going to take a while as it’s lightly sprinkled throughout the character intro and it’s definitely one of the cutest and best we’ve seen. I read it recently. Also, the storytellers are amazing!!!

I hate the fact that the entire series is published as a book but not recorded. This is also the reason that I don’t buy the series unless they’re out of stock because I want to continue the sequel. Now I have to wait until the movie is recorded and I can forget about it and find something new.

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