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The Alien’s Tensions / Alien Warrior Mates V, Book 7,  Audiobook Online By: Grace Kensington

Tensions continue to rise as war heats up and mysteries deepen, putting relationships, traditions and lives in balance.

On Earth, getting inside the factory proved difficult, and when they got inside, Ilya’s memory of the first time she was there shed light on a struggle she faced in silence. Silence, while spending time with Mordecai creates feelings she didn’t. Didn’t think she would ever experience it again.

When Mhavrych insisted that he let Casimir go into exile for a little longer and return to the kingdom, the Mikana man was furious, but Mhavrych knew he was doing what he needed to do. He returned to the kingdom just in time to meet Creia returning from her quest for help. What he carried could threaten all that Mhavrych knew and the influence he could have in the war.

On Penthos, Rilex and Severine decide they have to go back to retrieve the body they left behind in the tunnel and get him out so they have a chance to know who he is and what caused his death. However, a sudden arrival takes them off course and changes the whole focus of everything they’ve all been fighting for.

Suddenly, the future they were trying to protect seemed even more important than the past they were trying to avenge.

Revelations and Mysteries – Many revelations are discovered and people are disconnected on different sites. At the same time new mysteries and questions are being cropped up. This is a full-length novel that responds to a change in the short story series. Read as much as possible.

This is a fascinating and enjoyable book to read, and I really enjoyed reading it. What you will find in this book is: drama, suspense, mystery, twists and turns, danger, secrets, conflicts, needs & desires and some erotic scenes. The storyline and plot are well thought out and written, the characters are well developed. The ending is a bit choppy (meaning the story will continue in the next book).

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