The Apothecary’s Poison Glass And Steele Book 3 – Audiobook Online

The Apothecary’s Poison – Glass and Steele, Book 3, Audiobook Online By: C. J. Archer

When a newspaper report about a medical miracle catches Matt’s eye, he and India go looking for Dr. Hale in the hopes that he’s more of a magical doctor than a miracle worker and can lead them to their destination Chronos.

But Hale turns out to be an apothecary magician who wants to educate the public about magic.

Their disappointment at not finding Chronos is quickly forgotten when Hale is murdered and Matt becomes a suspect. With Matt’s arch nemesis Sheriff Payne influencing the detective, India and Matt know they must find the real killer, or risk their freedom and ultimately their lives. his life. Time is running out as they hunt down the killer who has the ability to turn drugs into poison with magic, as well as continuing their search for Chronos. A search must be completed successfully before Matt’s malfunctioning watch comes to a complete halt.

The fullness of the characters, the timing and emotions are so well voiced it makes one feel like you’re right there. The narrator did a great job of shifting the accent to the different characters. This author made me guess right away, my new favorite series. Thank.

Matthew Glass and India Steele continue their search for the mysterious Chronos and discover a murdered magic apothecary. But why? Does it have anything to do with Lord Coyle and his minions? Or the messenger, Barratt? Or something else? You’ve read it to find out if the burgeoning love between India and Matthew will continue….

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