The Baltic Gambit Alan Lewrie Book 15 – Audiobook Online

The Baltic Gambit – Alan Lewrie, Book 15, Audiobook Online By: Dewey Lambdin

January 1801, and Captain Alan Lewrie, RN, known as “Saint Alan the Liberator” for freeing (stealing!) dozens of black slaves in Jamaica to pilot a frigate years ago, was finally put on trial for this crime, along with life on the line.

At the same time, Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Prussia were forming an Armed Neutrality League, to the delight of Napoleon Bonaparte, to deny important UK exports, even if it meant so, means war. England will need all her experienced sea dogs, but… even Alan Lewrie?

In the end, Lewis was acquitted, but he was also ignored by the Navy, so he had to pay half the money on the “civil road”, and with his idle time on his mischievous hands, Lewrie is bound to be in trouble – again! – especially if young women and his goddamn public school friends are involved…and they are! A brawl in the brothel Panton Saint, a drunken, infatuated Russian count, preceded by Lewrie’s summons to the Admiralty and the order of the frigate Thermopylae to replace an ailing captain as the fleet rally to face the Northern Alliance, and its mastermind, the mad Tsar Paul.

All of that and the Battle of Copenhagen too, it’s close-range skirmishes, and betrayal for Lewrie, forcing him to use all his means to stay alive.

Aarh! I am also and am really hooked on this series. Baltic Gambit has Lewrie back at sea adventure and of course attracts capable young winches. One of the better books in the series in terms of characters, action and plot. For god’s sake! Don’t buy any of these books unless you plan on reading them all. They are addictive.

One of the good books in the Alan Lewrie Naval series. Once you start the series, it’s hard not to continue. This is one of the author’s books in a deeply researched and historically accurate series. Enjoy.

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