The Bands of Mourning

Brandon Sanderson is back again with an epic novel, The Bands of Mourning. It is part 6 from his Mistborn saga, which already has mesmerized many with its earlier chapters. The science fiction fantasy has produced some great characters set in an evolving society over a period of time. The narration of The Bands of Mourning is done by Michael Kramer once again with his highly apt vice for the characters of the novels that he played.

The story behind The Bands of Mourning is that of the fabled metalminds under the ownership of the Lord Ruler, who was known and worshipped for his own created religion and ruled the entire world brutally. The mythical or the fabled metalminds are granted to anyone who actually wear them the supremacies, which the Lord Ruler had under his control. Hardly anyone was of the opinion that they actually exist in real. A kandra researched make his way back to Elendel along with the images, which actually depicts not only the Bands, but also the weirdly written content that no one was able to decipher.

Waxillium Ladrian gets recruited in order to travel towards south and to the New Seran city for the sake of investigation. On his way, he finds out traces about Edward, his uncle and also the spectral society known as The Set.

The Hero of Ages and The Alloy of Law novels from Brandon Sanderson created great vibes amongst the book lovers and played a crucial role in making the Mistborn the best-selling novel series of its time. It has every reason for you to listen to these audio books for excellent plot, characterization and creating magnificent fiction.

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