The Bar At The Edge Of The Sea / The Watchers Series, Book 2 – Audiobook Online

The Bar At The Edge Of The Sea / The Watchers Series, Book 2, Audiobook Online By: Tom Abrahams

An underwater world. One weapon is missing. A war for redemption.

Zeke Watson has his first mission as the Watcher: the quest to find a kidnapped child who knows the location of a missing weapon. In the wrong hands, weapons will upset the balance between good and evil in the known universe.

He went to find the child. Weapons. And redemption.

But can he find any of it in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with ruthless pirates – where his driving skills are useless and his newfound powers Is he as unstable as a boat in rough seas?

Don’t miss the thrilling sequel to The Bar at the End of the World. It’s perfect for fans of A.G.’s Dark Tower series. Riddle, Hugh Howey and Stephen King.

A great sequel to read while stuck at home due to the pandemic (Covid 19)! Drink every world, if you don’t believe it, you have to wait until the end of the summer to know the conclusion! Hope the author considers to do more.

The second part of a very interesting trilogy. Part CS Lewsis and part Dean Koontz, with a bit of Ted Dekker included. Fascinating story, capable characters and some despicable. In a genre that’s hard to keep theology of its own, this series is as enjoyable to read as driving a Superbird.


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