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Penguin introduces Joseph Delaney’s edition of The Beast Awakens, read by Lee Ingleby.

They heard screams and cries of fear. Crafty looked down the slope and realized what had happened causing so much panic. Without warning, the black wall of the Shole advanced.

Crafty couldn’t remember the time before Shole – the mist of terror that engulfed most of England, leaving those trapped in it either dead or turned into horrifying monsters: aberrations. Crafty has been trapped in his family’s bunker for almost a year, his only companions being restless, whispering dead brothers and an unusually friendly aberration that he Named Swamp Queen.

But then Crafty’s life suddenly changed. He is ordered to report to the Castle, where he will be trained as a gatekeeper – the operator of magical portals that allow the clan of mysterious Gatekeepers to explore the inside of the Shole. It’s a dangerous job, with a very short lifespan….

To survive, Crafty will have to use every inch of his cunning – no matter the cost.

I enjoyed this book so much, the story and performance are on par with other books by Joseph Delaney. If you like the Spooks series, I think you will like this series, it has a similar feel. Will listen to the second one when it’s available.

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