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When King Henry VI fell into madness and England was on the brink of civil war, a child married the mad king’s brother. Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond, takes his bride and child to Wales, where she discovers a land full of conflict and alienation.

At Caldicot Castle and Lamphey Palace, Margaret had to put aside her childhood, gain the dignity of a Countess, and, despite her immature years, give birth to Richmond with a son and heir. While Edmund fights to restore peace to the king, Margaret quietly supports his mission; But it’s a dangerous mission.

As friction between York and Lancaster deepens, 14-year-old Margaret, now widowed, seeks the protection of her brother-in-law, Jasper Tudor. At his stronghold at Pembroke, two months after her husband’s death, Margaret gave birth to a son, whom she named Henry, after the king, her cousin. Margaret was small in stature, but her small body harbored a fierce and loyal heart as well as an unflinching determination until her son’s destiny as king of England was assured.

Bride Beaufort traces Margaret’s early years from her childhood days at Bletsoe Castle to the birth of her only son in 1457 at Pembroke Castle. Her story continues in book two, The Beaufort Woman.

Very interesting novel. I had never heard a story of this genre before, so I went into it not knowing what to expect. But I found myself completely absorbed in it, looking forward to each chapter to see what happens next.

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