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  • War Aeternus: The Beginning

  • By: Joshua SwayneCharles Dean
  • Narrated by: Jeff Hays Soundbooth Theater

Lee is a quiet and humble office worker who leads a solitary, laid-back and routine life. Day in and day out, he shuts down his brain, keeps his head down, does his job, and cares about his business. That is, he does until a drunken god randomly appears one day and transports him to another world, asking Lee to be his pawn in a game between the gods. Now, trapped in an entirely different world full of danger, magic, and creatures he never imagined beyond fairy tales and video games, Lee must find a way to survive long enough to survive. back home.

Soundbooth Theater dives into another instantly classic RPG in War Aeturnus. With this homage to comedy and philosophy about the role of belief in our modern times, Charles Dean fills a void in the Gamelit world by creating a Candide for the genre. Lee’s exploits with his psychopathic companion, Miller, not only make listeners laugh and spit out their Mountain Dew, but can also convince them to get off their couch for a moment and explore the world beyond beyond video games and fantasy.

A good concept with an interesting system. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes in the rest of the books.

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