The Bellmaker – Redwall Book 6

The Bellmaker is the sixth book in the Redwall series by author Brian Jacques. Joseph the Bellmaker is in trouble. His mouse warrior daughter Mariel and her companion Dandin set out from Redwall to fight the evil in Mossflower. The legendary Martin the Warrior arrives at Bellmaker with a mysterious message. Mariel and Dandin are in grave danger. Joseph and the four Redwallers departed immediately to assist them. As they navigated land and sea, they were unaware of the terrible threats they faced.

The werewolves couldn’t imagine Urgan Nagru, their mate Silvamord, and their ferocious swarm of rats. Can the eager sailor-otter Finbarr Galedeep help them cross the sea? What is the mystery of Roaringburn? Will Bellmaker and his companions arrive in time to help Mariel and Dandin?

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- This is a story about adventure, friendship and battles. The actors brought the book and the characters to life. One character from the book became a good rat, despite his upbringing. Bellmaker saw the right way to live and followed it in the face of certain death. I would recommend the book to teenagers and adults.

02- This is an extremely fascinating story by author Brian Jacques. These are extremely sad moments, tense fight scenes and twists and turns that seem to draw everyone in. He’s full of actors to take on completely different roles.

03- Bellmaker is one of the great works in an exciting adventure on the high seas and faraway lands, in the classic struggle between good and evil. Heroes are fighting the terrible, merciless worms and grims that bring freedom to the foreign lands of Southsward..
The book is about Courage, humor and tragedy, good food, and better friends. The actor did an excellent job, a great story for young and old alike.

04- Brian Jacques never fails to entertain us with unforgettable characters both hero and villain. Fun book, even little kids can be heroes. Gluttonous hares, swimming otters, tree-flying squirrels, dugout moles and monastery rats battle evil pirates and their master foxes. You will laugh, you will cry, you have many memories in the book no matter your age.

05- This is a great book. Readers will love and be moved by the characters in the story. The most favorite characters in this book are Dandin, Meldrum, Hon Rosie and Rufe Dandin. They are brave and good-natured warriors, Meldrum for her military ways, Hon Rosie for her pranks and ear-piercing laughter, and Rufe for her timid but powerful ways. Rufe is lucky to have such kind friends as Durry and Fatch the sea mouse.
Joseph the Bellmaker got his vision from the rat warrior Martin. Bellmaker is informed that Mariel is in danger and needs his help.

He sailed south and was told, “Five men will ride Roaringburn, but only four will return.” Using the clues, they realize that the five people mentioned are Joseph, Rufe the squirrel, Durry Quill the stewed pig, Foremole and Hon Rosie, the hare. With the help of Log-a-log and his shrews and the sea otter Finbarr Galede, they steal the ship, “The Pearl Queen” to go help Mariel.

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