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  • The Big Bad City (87th Precinct Mysteries Book 49)
  • by Ed McBain (Author)

In this city you have to pay attention. In this city, things are happening anytime, anywhere and you don’t have to be a detective to sniff out evil in the wind.

Check out this week’s tabloids: the face of a dead girl fills the front page. She was found sprawled near a park bench not seven blocks from the police station. Detectives Carella and Brown soon discover the girl has a most unusual past. Meanwhile, the late-night newscast follows the exploits of The Cookie Boy, a professional thief who left his business card – a box of chocolate chip cookies – at the scene of each score. And while the Detectives of Area 87 are investigating these cases, one of them is being watched by the man who killed his father.

I am always amazed at the level of detail in these books. They are accurate about information about what is happening in the world and guess what? It fits today perfectly! Nothing new!

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