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“Welcome to the National Bureau of Rehabilitation, where your possessions are as sacred as the holy word of God.”

Vera “Nick” Nicholson is an overtaxed and underpaid lawyer squandering at the bottom of the gilded ladder in Turner, Witherspoon, Anders and Tyler, PA in Winston-Salem, NC. When an expensive luxury car belonging to one of the company’s top customers goes missing, Nick has to shoulder the daunting task of finding the car – and the mysteries inside – that he doesn’t know. unrelated to the police. Enter Fast Eddie and his quirky team of misfits at the National Bureau of Rehabilitation, a repo agency located in a sleepy town called K-Vegas.

When Nick is unexpectedly put on leave from the TWAT, she takes caution and signs up to be the NRB’s newest agent, partnering with her fancy third-grade teacher Frances “Frankie” Stohler. Frankie’s mortgage father and beautician mother are staunch members of the Winston-Salem community – so it’s no surprise that everyone in the three counties has some sort of connection to her family. What is surprising, however, is that Slim Jim Frankie carries in her purse and her extraordinary talent is jacking cars.

Nick and Frankie’s stumbling blocks into the surreal world of property recovery takes them on a fun, fast-paced and mind-blowing journey through the back streets and side streets of Tar Heel State. , creating a chain of missteps that lead them both toward financial independence, catastrophic legal risk, and the discovery that true love can sometimes lurk in the most unlikely places.

A appreciates this because I like Ann’s other books. Not disappointed. A funny, lively and interesting story. Original in style and plot. Really enjoyed this light comedy.

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