The Black Ice Score – Parker Book 11

The Black Ice Score is the eleventh novel in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. The good people in the new African country lacked a treasury full of diamonds. The corrupt leader has hidden the rocks somewhere in New York City. Good people need experts to get their diamonds back. They found the best person in the business, Parker. Only three mysterious hardliners came to see Parker. They were able to convince him to give up this international gem game. But relying on Parker is like squeezing a short-fused TNT can.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- In the book The Black Ice Score, Parker goes to great lengths to save Claire, the woman who has become a part of his life. Before Claire, there was no woman worth the risks he posed to her here. Parker stars as a professional consultant on a robbery planned by a group of black Africans. Their president has spent all of their country’s wealth in the form of diamonds, which they intend to steal. Parker’s capers novel is directly involved in the theft, he is a paid consultant to real thieves.

02- Parker and Claire are in New York on a shopping trip. Parker returned to his hotel room to find three white men who were searching him. The leader tells Parker to play dumb and the men leave with a goodbye. There was a phone call, Parker was on his way down to the bar to meet a man named Hoskins. Parker found four black men in red robes in Claire’s room. They went to Parker introduced by Handy McKay. They come from a small newly formed country called Dhaba in South Africa. Their leader is the United Nations Ambassador to Dhaba. He also mentioned General Goma, a huge loser in the last election, who wants to come back. They want Parker to design a job to steal diamonds and teach/train them, then they will. Parker was praised, “You are amateur!” The three white men who had visited earlier were colonists, who had lost everything to the revolution. They want the diamonds to install their puppet government. Gonor tells Parker that they will talk again once the traitor is eliminated.

03- Parker planned the heist without participating in it. The plot involves civil strife in a small country in Africa. To prevent the currency from depreciating, the President converted the country’s coffers into diamonds and shipped them to New York City. Two groups of men from the country approached Parker; one asked for his help in getting the diamonds back, the other group tried to tell him not to join. The job went according to plan, resulting in a monkey wrench being thrown and Parker had to clean it up. A man must be kept alive because Claire has been kidnapped and Parker has no idea where she is.

04- The president of a newly formed African nation knew he would soon run out of power and converted the country’s treasures into diamonds he held in New York. Another group from that country wanted the diamonds; They are soldiers, spies and diplomats. They want Parker to train them to get the diamonds. The novel is much more interesting and engaging compared to other Parker novels.

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