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The Blood Curse / Spell Weaver, Book 3,  Audiobook Online By: Annette Marie

When Clio tricks her into going to the Underworld, her job is to steal magic that can protect her homeland. Instead, she escaped with the rebellious son of a family of notorious spell weavers.

And in the process, she exposes his most damaging spell, putting her people – and all magic – in jeopardy.

Now she and Lyre face two impossible feats: Recover his work and do it before his family catches up to them. But when the spell was unleashed with devastating results, caution was no longer an option.

Clio and Lyre’s only chance lies in combining their powers, but in order to survive, they’ll need more dangerous magic than they’ve ever used before. And if it fails, the kingdoms will pay the price.

Love the author Annette marie, all her books are excellent, this series is no different. this book 3 is great as it wraps the end of the enchanted weaver trilogy with an extra epilogue that can be found after you finish the book. I look forward to hearing any of her other books.

My girl Clio finally became her own. She became bolder and stronger and I love that. Lyre FINALLY owns her emotions and becomes who she is. Both grew up and developed together. This book has made me scream, laugh, and scream throughout the journey they have taken. If a book doesn’t relate to your feelings, you’re reading it wrong. This book is EPIC.

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