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The Blue Alien’s Mate / Royally Blue, Book 1,  Audiobook Online By: Zara Zenia

Are they meant to be mated?

Urie is the leader and general of the Ura-Than race. He didn’t have time to find a mate to create an heir to replace him as leader one day.

Urie asks his friend Reli from the company Celestial Mates to find a mate for him. The only thing is that Reli’s agency uses some methods that may not be acceptable in certain cultures, such as bidding.

Samantha is the one he covets. She was only a human, but the most beautiful person he had ever seen. You need to have her. At any cost. Urie knew he had to outbid the rest to get her.

Samantha had a hard time adjusting to her new life. Urie must continue to plan how to protect his people against the enemy, X, and he soon learns there may be a traitor among his people who may even go to the top of his most trusted generals and captains.

What will happen between these two life partners? Is their fate sealed? Or will one of their needs be given up if the situation gets tough?

The Blue Alien’s Mate is part of the Celestial Mates series and is a stand-alone sci-fi romance novel. No cliffs, no cheats, and a happy ending guaranteed.

Samantha is full of saliva and vinegar. Urie bought herself a fire. They fall in love with each other, besides the opposing concerns. I recommend this book as a continuation of the Zara blues trend. Of course, it is for adults. Wishing you happy reading.

Great love story between alien leader Urie and captive human Samantha. Samantha was kidnapped on Earth and brought to the planet Ura-Than, where she was acquired by Urie. Although she was initially resistant to attraction, they fell in love. But a traitor is in their midst, an anti-human. Planetary battles ensue and they too must fight for their lives. Good story and quick read.

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