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The Blue Demon / Nic Costa, Book 8, Audiobook Online By: David Hewson

Twenty years ago, a mysterious group called the Blue Demons committed a series of bizarre crimes and rituals that evoked the legacy of the lost race of Etruscans, and left them with a group of dead students, a pair A murdered couple, a cryptic message, and a kidnapped child.

Now, the leaders of the G8 are descending to Rome for a summit at the Quirinale Palace. But when a politician is found ritually murdered, seemingly by an unknown young man dressed as an Etruscan god, detective Nic Costa suspects that the old case was never really solved.

The Blue Demon seems to have returned – and is planning, under the leadership of fanatical Andrea Petrakis, to unleash a string of devastating attacks on the city. As Costa and his team set out to dig deeper into the past, they found that there were still too many unanswered questions – and more about the history of the Blue Demon than anyone would like to admit.

The character Nic Costa, like most of us, encounters a number of problems in life, which do not prevent him from getting caught up in the cases that often revolve around the city of Rome. The plots hold your interest from the first page to the end of the book.

As usual, I read this book on my iPad, scrolling back and forth on google inspired by history and art, which are as important as the great story itself, and a little worried that I won’t have it enough Costa and Italy to go on for much longer.

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