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The Book Of The Wing / Vesik, Book 15,  Audiobook Online By: Eric Asher

A mysterious map. One coin is lost. A threat emerges from the battlefields of the past….

Investigating clues hidden in an ancient mosaic beneath Falias, Foster and Zola are transported east to a bloody land that the necromancer hopes will never return.

What awaits the weary warriors of the battle in Antietam can only be described as a dead field.

Utukku, the guardians of those sacred lands are not alone. However, even with the support of the Irish Brigade, Fae’s arsenal may not match those of the enemies rising against them. If their forces fell, their last hope of capturing the tetradrachm would be dashed. But when an enemy turned ally comes to help, Bloody Lane wins its title once more.

The latest installment of Books Of The Dead focuses more on Foster’s journey. The interweaving of the characters’ perspectives is amazing and you can’t help but get lost in the world of construction. So well written that you wonder if it’s a prophetic look at a parallel universe. Can’t wait for the next one.

Here’s another great addition to Eric Asher’s ‘Books Of The Dead’. Foster is the central character in this story and he’s great! The Vesik gang is still fighting Nudd and is more determined than ever to bring Damian back into the world. It’s hard to keep reading and skim through the ensuing horror Nudd throws into the gang world/world at large. But it’s well worth the read.

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