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The Boy Toy / Late Expectations, Book 1,  Audiobook Online By: Nicola Marsh

A woman willing to give up her love meets the man she never expected to fall in love in this steamy and moving new romantic comedy from the USA Today bestselling author. Nicola Marsh.

For nearly a decade, successful 37-year-old Samira Broderick has used her bustling LA workout as an excuse to avoid a trip back to Australia. She still resents her meddling Indian mother for arranging her marriage with a man who wasn’t around when things got tough, but now with a new job. Down Under, she’s finally ready to reconnect with her mother. And while she’s at it, a hot international flight might be just what she needs to escape the recent fun.

Australian stuntman Rory Radcliffe hid his stutter for years by avoiding speaking roles. When a job he couldn’t turn down came as a reality show host, he knew he was going to need some help with the audition: a dialect coach. But he found himself speechless when he discovered it was the same sexy woman he had a one-night stand with.

Samira can think of many reasons why Rory is completely wrong for her: He’s 10 years younger than her, and he’s not Indian – something Samira’s mother would never accept. Even if things get serious, there’s no reason to tell her mother… right?

Everything I’d hoped for in a romantic drama, with a sassy smart female lead, a compelling love story, some intriguing love scenes, and an intervening mother. What makes this story special is the emotional depth of both characters’ inner struggles. Fun, sweet and well written! I was so engrossed I finished it in one sitting.

This book addresses some serious issues: mixed race, single parents, divorce, language barriers, infertility, and more. However, bringing it all together in an emotionally satisfying way.

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