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The Bull and the Donkey

Read by Elizabeth

Adaptation by Bertie

Sherehezade is married to the King. All of his many former brides were beheaded the morning after their wedding. Her plan for survival is to delight the terrible tyrant with stories, always leaving him wanting more.

Her first story was an interesting one she heard from her father. It tells the story of a cunning donkey advising a bull how to avoid work. He doesn’t realize that their owners can understand animals’ voices and will fool him. But there is a turning point in the story. The owner’s wife demanded to know what the animals had said, but he couldn’t tell her or he would die.

And that was the first story in 1001 Nights that Sherehezade told the King, enchanting and amusing the cruel tyrant with her words and thereby softening his heart. When she finished telling her story, her older sister, Dunyazad, who was sharing the room with them, spoke up and said:

“You are excellent, do you want your sister to tell you another story? Since she has so many others, some are even more amazing than this one.”

And the Sleepless King said that he would be glad to hear another story, if it was as interesting as the one they had just heard, and so Sherehezade began the second story of 1001 nights.

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