The Burning Land – Full Audiobook The Saxon Chronicles 5 By Bernard Cornwell

King of Wessex is going down in health but his vision now can be visualized by an ordinary man in the country. The new kingdom has emerged and the sacrifices of the heroes have finally bore fruit.

Alfred and his army has toiled hard since the beginning of The Last Kingdom and then they were dashed to the ground in The Pale Horseman. Still the troop never ran from the battlefield and has never left a friend stranded in the battlefield like the Vikings.

The king however is dying and with him the trusted companions are also lost. Alfred’s son is left with Uhtred alone in the fighting department and no doubt he fights his heart out in the battlefield against Harald but it is over from his side as well. He leaves the army after the death of the king and has a dream or two of his own to fulfill.

All his life he wanted to regain the control over the fortress that once belonged to his ancestors and it is time to fulfill the dream and this time no one is stopping him. Uhtred after joining the people who raised him launches a fight against the crown that he served for so long so that he can get back the fortress that he thinks is rightfully his for the taking.

It is another battle near Thames this time narrated by John Lee who starts maturely and then moves ahead in full strength. War scenes are more energetic than ever in description and overall it is a job well done by the narrator who was new but understood the concept to perfection.

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